We belong to each other

I'm currently on maternity leave, elbow deep in diapers, drool and the daring adventures of motherhood. I'll be back to coaching and writing in June and until then, please enjoy this favorite post from the past. XO, Jamie We belong to each other.

You and me. Us and them. All belonging to each other. To love and cherish. To fill our hearts with compassion for the beings that float in and out of our world is to offer compassion to ourselves. We see that we are all human, all having an experience at this time in our shared history. Doing the best we can. Always, doing the best we can.

We move from what we know. From the stories we tell, from the hurt we’ve had. From the broken-hearts and big wins. From the major falls and epic overhauls. The truth is, we only know what we know when we know it. And to hold ourselves and others to impossible standards and should be’s is to disconnect us from us and each other, to forget that we belong. You to me. Me to you. There is no separation. No isolation. What we feel as aloneness stems from the walls we construct. The barriers to the connectedness we crave. The walls keep us from each other and more importantly, to fully belonging to ourselves.

To say you are alone, all alone in a big open sea is to miss the other bodies floating beside you. Bodies who too think they are alone. We are all in the same ocean, bobbing along, hoping to hit land, praying for something solid and real. Reach out your hand and tether to another body. No solid ground is needed when we tie together, making a homemade life raft upon the flowing, blustery, tumultuous, dynamic, wonderful sea of life.

For when we belong to each other, support is distributed. No one overburdened. No one left out in the cold. No one singularly afloat, adrift. No one sinking under the weight of carrying it all. We are all holding and being held. (Tweet this!)

Today, reach out to those who are your bodies in the open sea of life and thank them for their tethers. Their bindings and bonds. Their strength and yours that bring you closer to compassion and connection.

All my love,