Finding prayer in all things.

I'm currently on maternity leave, elbow deep in diapers, drool and the daring adventures of motherhood. I'll be back to coaching and writing in June and until then, please enjoy this favorite post from the past. XO, Jamie January 2015 was declared the year of connection; deeper connection with you, my family, my friends and, of course, with my body and soul. And one of the ways I’ve been cultivating a more robust soul connection is by listening to On Being with Krista Tippett. This podcast is chicken soup, a loaf of walnut levain, a hunk of nutty gouda cheese and a bar of dark chocolate for my little Jamie soul. YES, it’s that good.

I could go on and on about the poignant conversations, the angelic lilt of Krista’s voice, or the brilliance of her interviewees, but I won’t. What I will say is that I cry almost every time I listen, having the inaccessible gently accessed.

In one of the recordings, Krista was moderating a live interfaith summit between the Dalai Lama and other notable religious leaders, one of them being Katharine Jefferts Schori, the 26th Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the United States, who said this:

“We must look at all existence as a prayer.”

Holy goodness.

Though this wasn’t my first introduction to the theory of finding prayer in all things, it was particularly poignant in that moment as I was currently cleaning the house and making a to do list for the work week. In other words, there was very little prayer to be found.

And so I stopped, took a breath, centered myself and began to channel my vacuuming as prayer. Not a prayer to anything or for anything (Like, “Dear Universe, can you please make this vacuuming go quicker, because I hate it”), but prayer in the form of simple action. Then making my to do list became prayer. Then preparing lunch, a prayer. Then washing the dishes, a prayer. Folding the laundry, yet another prayer.

And when I finished folding the laundry, I wanted more to fold for what had been a string of annoying, monotonous tasks were now transformed into generators of patience, peace and inner calm. The laundry had reconnected me to my heart.

And that is the power of prayer, the power to change our inner experience for the better by creating sacredness in the simplest of moments.

Peace is what happens when we can find prayer in all things. We don’t have to go hunting for it. It’s been right there, all along, in the hamper.

All my love,

JamieGreenwood P.S. This song always gets me pumped to pray. Enjoy.