The only thing you have to do today

I'm currently on maternity leave, elbow deep in diapers, drool and the daring adventures of motherhood. I'll be back to coaching and writing in June and until then, please enjoy this favorite post from the past. XO, Jamie With so many tasks tacked onto our to do list, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed the moment our eyes pop open in the morning.

What if the only mandatory thing you had to do today was dance to this or this, and everything else, your work, meetings, cooking, cleaning, was all gravy?

What if everything you did after your one dance was something you could pat yourself on the back for because you went above and beyond what was on track for the day?

I’m not saying chuck what’s currently on your docket but rather think of it all as extra credit. Suddenly each meeting, cooked meal, swept floor, email answered and call made becomes praise-worthy, moving you through your day with a sense of accomplishment rather than unmet expectations.

Try it.

Dance and let the rest of what you do today be a bonus.

Oh, and I love you. That’s all.



P.S.  One more song, ya know, for extra, extra credit.