How quickly we forget

How quickly we forget all we’ve done and presently do. How quickly we forget what we’ve survived, labored through and delivered.

How quickly we forget the invaluable effort put out by our arms, our eyes, our legs and our lungs every single day.

We forget about all the love our hearts give, all the solace our words bring, all the strength our simple presence offers those who need it.

Today, remember.

Remember what and who you’ve already delivered. Remember the goals you’ve hit, the deadlines you’ve made, the presentations you’ve nailed. They all still count and are a testament to your abilities.

Remember your resilience in the face of what you were sure you could not survive. And yet, here you are.

Remember to be gentle with yourself just as you are gentle with others.

Remember your joy. Remember your creativity. Remember each and every time you courageously said YES.

Remember what you’ve started and finished as a reminder that you have the strength to do it again.

For as quickly as we close off and forget, we can just as quickly take a breath, open and remember.


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