What’s your “right medicine?”

Last Sunday morning was far from idyllic. Zanthe had had me up four times in the middle of the night, my step-daughter arrived at our house at the crack of dawn and the house was a complete disaster. No sleep makes Jamie a very cranky girl and, with the long night I’d had, I was in rare form by 8 am. Everything everyone did pissed me off. Zanthe was being too clingy. Adam was being too loud. My step-daughter was talking too much. It was more than I could handle and I just wanted to get away.

No sooner had I started fantasizing about my escape than my guilt kicked it. “I should be kinder,” I thought. “I should be more generous. More loving. More patient. It’s a freakin’ Sunday morning, for goodness sake. Enjoy your LIFE!” I then proceeded to waffle back and forth between family frustration and internalized guilt all while feeding the baby and changing diapers, until it was time to hop online to lead my Reconnect Journaling class.

That’s the headspace I was in when I began the class. Tense and cranky. And when it was over I felt lighter, calmer and, yes, even loving towards my family. After just 7 minutes of journaling I was contented in a way I could not have been just 15 minutes before.


Because I had touched upon what Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes calls our “right medicine”. Right medicine is the remedy to the wounds of our hearts and minds. Right medicine nourishes us down to our bones and reconnects us to the innate wisdom, peace and power within.

Journaling is a one of my go-to right medicines and a particularly potent one for in the act of writing our other right medicines are often revealed.

If you missed the Journaling session and would like a taste of this sweet, right medicine, you can find the video here. It’s titled JFJ Live 9/17/2017.

All my love,



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