A simple and powerful ritual for reconnection

Life is very full and with that fullness it’s all too easy to forget to pause and honor the important transitions, like the upcoming new year, that mark our packed lives.

Pause is imperative to creating the life we want. In fact, it is the foundation on which our dreams and actions are built as it’s only when we quiet that we can hear the wisdom within, the wisdom needed to powerfully guide us into the coming year.

Here is a simple ritual that will help you both honor the year you’ve had and consciously connect to how you want to experience the year to come.

You will need:

15 minutes of quiet time

A candle

Three pieces of paper

A pen


A burning-friendly surface (You can use a fireplace, pan or metal bowl)

Take an evening, either by yourself or with your partner/friends/family, and answer these three questions:

  1. What have I done, created or experienced this year to date that I’m proud of? (Your Praise List)

  2. What old beliefs/fears/doubts do I want to release and leave behind? (Your Release List)

  3. What do I commit to for the coming year? (Your Commitment List)

To begin, light your candle, close your eyes and take a big, deep breath. Feel your body settling into your seat as your breath washes up and down your body.

When you feel grounded and solid in your being, take out your first sheet of paper and ask yourself, “What have I done/created/experienced this year that I am proud of?” Let your answers flow, acknowledging both the big and little wins.

When that question feels complete, take out your second piece of paper and ask yourself, “What do I want to release?”

If judgment arise with this question, take a breath and gently let it pass. Keep asking yourself what you want to release over and over again until you feel completely emptied of the answer.

Now grab your third sheet of paper. Breathe deeply and again, feel your body settle. When you feel connected and solid ask yourself, “What do I commit to?”

One thing to keep in mind. Your Commitment List is less a list of self-improvement projects or habits you want start/stop and rather a list dedicated to how to you want FEEL.

For example, rather than committing to going to the gym, perhaps you commit to taking loving care of your body. The natural actions that follows such a commitment are exercise and also rest. Loving care looks like feeding yourself nourishing food, whether that’s in the form of a big salad or a hearty, rich stew. In committing to how you want to feel, you begin to sense what your body needs along the loving care spectrum rather than making a gym visit and a salad your only body care options.

When you’re done writing your lists, take your Release List, light it on fire and place it in your fire-friendly pan/BBQ/bowl/fireplace etc.

As you watch the flames engulf what you choose to leave behind, imagine the fire cleansing you and clearing the way for what you’re committing to in 2018.

Sounds good right?!?

I like to leave my Commitment List on my bedside table as a powerful reminder of what I’m being guided by for the year.

Once you’ve done the ritual, I’d love to know how it went for you. What were you proud of?  What did you choose to release? What are you feeling called to commit to?  Simply hit reply and let me know.

Lastly, there’s one more thing I’d like to say as our year comes to a close.


I’ve never been so acutely aware of how blessed I am to have a community of deeply loving and caring people in my life and I count YOU as one of them. May you enjoy this sweet little ritual, may it excite you for the year that here and for the year to come and may we each continue to use our voices and our loving action to create a days of joy, freedom and peace.

Biggest love,


Mindfulness, Spiritualityjamie