The game-changing question you never ask

What do you like?

It’s an easy question.  Simple.  Succinct.  One we can answer with our eyes closed, right?

Sometimes.  And then sometimes we forget to ask.  We “go with the flow” and take what’s given.

We don’t share our likes thinking they make us persnickety, difficult, demanding.  We also love to people please, deciding their likes trump ours and we’ll like whatever they like because they seem to care more.

You care.

Don’t pretend like you don’t and please don’t pretend like "being easy" is better for the whole.  No one benefits from you keeping your likes to yourself.  In holding back, you feel empty and unsatisfied and those around you never really know who you are.

We are our likes.  We are also our dislikes and by denying them we deny core pieces of ourselves.

Have the strength to stand for each of them.  Don’t take the crappy wine on the plane just because it’s served.  You don’t like it!  Don’t say yes to the 7 am meeting.  That’s when you like to move your body.  Don’t eat the lemon cookies simply because they were plopped in front of you.  You are a chocolate girl and lemon has never been your thing.

We can be grateful for what’s present and given without having to participant in it. TWEET THIS!

Come back to what YOU like.  This week, make a list of what curls your toes, sends shivers up your spine, makes you feel like a queen under a canopy bed.  Place the list in a spot where you see it every day and only when something makes you feel that way, say YES!

So tell me in the comments below, do you forgo your likes to appease others?  What are your favorite LIKES that you’ve been keeping on the backburner?

Big love,


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