Cracked Open

A break up.

A house, job, or dear friend, GONE.




It feels like you’re crumbling.  Falling apart into an unrecognizable jumble of your former self.  And little makes sense.

Confusion reigns and you’d trade anything to go back to before.  Before the explosion, before the loss, before the pain.  Before the knowing.

Truth:  This is not crumbling, though it feels like it.

This is being cracked open.  Awakened.  Split in two, to shine light on what you’ve known and dismissed for years.

Let it hurt.  Let yourself dig deep, cry, rage, lose your mind.  Let the fire of fear and betrayal burn up and out of you.  Feel it all.

Then, see the good.  See the gift that has arrived in this peculiar package.

Let it crack you open to reveal what could’ve never been seen before this grand bomb detonated in your carefully-monitored, systematically-structured life.

Remember this:  You are not crumbling.  You are cracking open.

And from these cracks will slowly sprout the understanding, joy and wisdom you’ve been seeking and didn’t know where to find.

They were there all along, under the heavy pavement of your life, simply waiting to be unearthed.

All of my love,


P.S.  Know someone who’s crumbling?  Send them this.

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