It all counts …

The door you hold.

The hot tea you bring.

The hug you give.

The smile you share.

The ear you lend.

It all counts.

The groceries you get.

The offered airport ride.

The homemade meal.

The appreciation you share.

The kind note you send.

It all counts.

It’s so easy to forget all the little ways we inject love into someone’s day. We try and yet always think we should be doing more, helping more, loving more.


Or perhaps more comes with first acknowledging all the little things we already offer that do count.

The effort you put in, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, counts.

We’re obsessed with grand gestures and big impact but a smile, a tender word, an unexpected text of “Just in case you forgot, I think you’re wonderful”, or genuinely saying, “Tell me about your day”, can be just as powerful.

Know this. Every one of your kind, loving gestures counts. It counts to the person you bestowed it to, it counts towards expanding your own heart and it counts towards healing the world with the love we all need.


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