Leavin' on a jetplane? Packin' for tasty travel.

While the food at airports and on airplanes has gotten better over the years, I’m still not one to take a chance when it comes to finding something tasty while in transit. .

Here is my personal list of the foods I pack for any air born trip.  They all travel beautifully and don’t need to be refrigerated.  Score!

Dried fruit and nuts- Favorites are peaches, apricots, cherries, dates, prunes, walnuts, almonds, cashews, brazil nuts and pecans.  Make sure the fruit is un-sulphured as sulphur is a preservative that can cause tummy upset. (AKA gas, which on a small, sealed plane is particularly unpleasant.)

Fresh fruit with hard cheese- Apples with cheddar, parmesan or pecorino works best.

Tamari sunflower and pumpkin seeds- A great snack when you want something fatty and salty.

Cut veggies with Muhammara- Celery, radishes, cucumbers, carrots, and sugar snap peas work well. They also help keep you hydrated on the dry plane.

Your favorite chocolate bar- What can I say? Never travel without chocolate. My favorite is the Alter-Eco BlackOut bar.

Organic boiled eggs-  Notice I didn't say, hard boiled.  No one likes hard boiled as the yolks turn to chalk and require copious amount of liquid to loosen the paste that forms on your upper palate.  For your tasty traveling pleasure...the perfect boiled egg:   Take eggs out of the fridge.  Boil water.  Gently ease eggs into the water.  Boil for 7 1/2 minutes, remove from the heat, drain and cover with cold water to stop the cooking.  Done.

Cabbage slaw-  Make it the night before and bring leftovers.  It keeps its crunch quite well.

Crackers:  These will keep you way from the baggies of pretzels.  My favorite brands are Simple Mills, Laiki, and Mary's Gone Crackers.

Now you may be thinking, "Dear lawd, this is a ton of stuff.  Does Jamie bring an entire picnic basket on board?"  The short answer...yes, it has happened.  (But not for every trip.)  You, conversely, are not required to board looking like you're headed to Shakespeare in the Park.  By simply packing a few of these jet plane friendly snacks, you will be the talk of your seating section (woot woot!)  and you'll feel better before, during and after the flight.  Promise.

Much love and safe travels!