Think you should know better?

Isn't it crazy how often we think we "should know better"?

You believe you should know better when it comes to eating that day old muffin when you didn’t really want it, picking a fight with your partner, eating ice cream right out of the carton, or feeling slighted by a co-worker.

Your favorite "I should know better" though is thinking you should know better than to be dissatisfied with your body.   You like to pretend it’s no big deal but behind closed doors you wring your hands and wonder why you are the only crazy person still hung up on her belly pooch when there are major issues like starvation and human trafficing in the world.   And then comes the hearty dose of shame.  You think, “There are real people with real problems and I’m still going round and round about my thighs, hoping I sweated enough in spin class to warrant eating what I want for dinner.  I am a doer, a get-it-done girl so why haven’t I been able to get a handle on this body thing yet.  Just figure it out already!”

Big deep breath, my dear.

The first part to figuring out the body mess that almost every woman struggles with is to know you could not have figured it out before now.  You can only know what you know when you know it (TWEET THIS).  Lessons and revelations appear on their own time. There is no way to rush them into being so holding yourself to an obscene "all knowing" standard, only makes you feel 4 steps behind and like you are missing out on something. Not helpful.

The second part to figuring out your body stuff is meeting your body where she is at.  Right here.  Right now.  It’s time to let go of the resentment you have towards her for getting sick, staying in that unsatisfying relationship, having cellulite or a soft belly, slugging away at that soul-sucking job and not being perfect. You must shift and honestly believe she is exactly where she is meant to be for the lessons you are ready to learn in this exact moment.

BIG, I know.  But letting go of the I should know betters and connecting with your body right now is the only way to begin to loosen the junk that’s been keeping you stuck.

Now tell me below, what do you think you should know better about?  How does your body feel when you get into the should spiral and what are you tips for getting out of it?

Biggest love and here’s to knowing that right now you don’t need to know any better,


P.S.  We are going to hit the “I should know better's” and body-bashing stuff hard in our second open coaching call on 10/9 at 4 pm and explore how this can block your big plans.  If you’ve ever thought you should know better, make sure to sign up so you don’t miss the call.  And don’t worry.  There will be a recording for you if you have to hop off early!

Think you should know better?

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