Guess what: You don’t have to love your body. [VIDEO]

Loving our body can be difficult (and after too many self-help books, even trite.)  In fact, it can feel damn near impossible to love our body after years of trying to fix it, change it and squeeze it into a size 4. In today’s episode of The Coming Home Project I interview therapist Rebeccas Bass-Ching who has a unique take body love. That is to say, she thinks its highly overrated, which I could not agree with more.

In our talk together Rebecca lays out how to actually feel settled in your body and, big shocker, the answer has nothing to do with drawing little hearts around your belly button.

This is an interview you will not want to miss. Hop on over and enjoy!



P.S. Know someone who could use a fresh perspective on diggin’ their body? Send them this.

P.P.S. Want to know how to get comfortable with your body? Start with respect. @rbassching (Tweet this out!)

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