Take the compliment.

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Today honey, take the compliment.

Don’t deflect. Don’t turn it around. Don’t shoot one back to step out of the spotlight.

Today when your friend says she loves your shoes, don’t tell her how old they are or what you paid for them.

Instead say, “Thank you, I know.”

When your boss congratulates you on a job well done, don’t shift all the credit to your team, and when your partner squeezes your tush in appreciation, DO NOT bat his/her hand away.

Take the compliment. Revel in it.

Know that the people in your life already see you in the way you’ve been wanting to see yourself. They’re already on the you're amazing train and are just waiting for you to get on board.

Uncomfortable with compliments? Yeah, I know. Let’s practice.


Take the compliment and revel in it until it feels true. Because it is.

All my love.