[VIDEO] Have you ever felt guilty for taking care of yourself?

Now tell me, have you ever felt guilty about taking care of yourself? You feel the pull inside you to take a breath and reconsider the pace of your life then BLAM, you’re hit with a wave of guilt that says, “What are you thinking? You’ve got responsibilities. What about work, the committee, your partner, volunteering, the dog?” All your external responsibilities feel more important and to take time for yourself feels irresponsible, like you’re letting all kinds of balls drop. Reality check: Take care of yourself is not irresponsible. It’s simply another type of responsibility I like to call internal responsibility.

In this video I’ll tell you about the 2 types of responsibility, both internal and external, and how to navigate the two to never feel guilty for taking care of yourself again.


Sometimes it feels near impossible to listen to what our body and soul needs most when there are so many things vying for our time. Watch and see how this re-frame from self care to internal responsibility makes it easier for you to put what’s calling for attention now, that would be YOU, first.

Lots of love,



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