[VIDEO] What your adrenals may be trying to tell YOU.

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So, what do we do when we're hit with an unforeseen health diagnosis?

It’s hard to know, right? Especially when there are so many conflicting options and opinions.

In this quick, 22 minute episode of The Coming Home Project I interview Jill Grunewald, an integrative nutrition and hormone coach whose own struggles with both Hashimoto's disease and adrenal fatigue give her a unique perspective on what we can do when we’re faced with an overwhelming diagnosis.

Together we talk about how to take charge of our diagnosis without "gripping" our healing, how to notice when our body needs support and the impact our obsession with productivity has on our health and long term wellness.

If your adrenals or thyroid are out of whack, don’t miss this.

And if there are women in your life who struggle with either adrenal fatigue or Hashimoto’s, send them this video. (You can also tweet it out here.)

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