[VIDEO] I get asked this question every single day…

Next to “HOW??” (as in ‘How do I feel more connected to myself?’, ‘How do I change what’s happening?’, How do I shift my reactions to things?’), I’m asked, “What’s the difference between therapy and coaching.”

Over the years now I’ve had a number of clients call me their “life therapist”. At first this made me uncomfortable seeing as I didn’t want them to think we were doing traditional therapy (though coaching is certainly therapeutic).

What I do in my sessions is create a safe, secure place where my clients can say anything, feel heard and get clarity, insight and relief. And for most of us, we put all that kind of good stuff under the category of “therapy”.

There are a few distinct differences between therapy and coaching and to sort them out, I made you this video. TA DA!


I chose to become a coach rather than a therapist for a number of reasons but the primary one was as a coach, I’m allowed to empathize with my clients. That is, if the session allows and it’s appropriate, I’m legally permitted to share an experience from my own life and create resonance between us, making my client feel connected and understood in a way that’s hard to do in therapy.

People feel bonded when they know they’re not alone. Coaching allows for feedback, connection through shared story and strategic planning to move clients forward, feeling clear on the road ahead.

When someone is ready for help and trying to decide between a therapist and coach I recommend asking these 4 questions:

1. What is it you want to address? 2. Are you looking to get clarity on the past or want to move forward from where you are now? 3. Are you interested in a plan (recommendations/guidelines) or would you prefer to simply talk things out? 4. kind of a connection do you want between you and the person you receive support from?

If you have any questions or need a bit more help deciding coaching or therapy is best for you, simply ask away...

All my love, enjoy the video and, as always, thank you for being awesome.


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