Found time and why I’m crying about it.

If nothing else life is a lesson in uncertainty, right? Things change at the drop of a hat and though we do our best to control situations, outcomes and hat dropping altogether, we ultimately learn, again and again, that we can’t control sh*t.

This is not a reason to give up but rather an opportunity for freedom.

If we know we can’t control anything then we can stop micromanaging our lives and spend time doing the things we actually want to do. (Which makes how we spend our time the only thing we truly can control.)

Today’s video is about what happens when life takes a sharp turn and the FOUND TIME we’re given when priorities are re-calibrated.

Be forewarned, you’re going to see me cry. (Which is way more vulnerability than I’m used to showing.)

This vulnerability definitely had me questioning the appropriateness of sending out the video.

And then I realized that if my work is about teaching people how to be compassionate to find their real selves under their shoulds, have tos and can’ts...then I’ve gotta walk my talk and show the real ME.

So, here it is.

Lots of love and enjoy your newly found time.


P.S. If you know someone who’s life has been hit by a curve ball and could use the message of found time, send this along.

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